CommuniCare Projects Fund

Help our clients give back to the community

CommuniCare is a service project-oriented program that creates a bridge between community needs and community support. This program is completely participant-driven in that the causes chosen to support are those that participants have deemed as being meaningful to them. We have worked with community organizations throughout Rhode Island to help them serves populations in need.

L.I.F.E. Inc. is looking to raise money to help fully fund our CommuniCare program. Our participants are looking to expand the number of organizations we are able to assist throughout the year. In order to be able to do this, we need to raise money to pay for participant transportation, collection bins, marketing, promotional materials, and other necessary expenses. Donations of any size go a long way to help us assist more community organizations. Donations can be made in-person at our main offices in Bristol or securely online.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Improved sense of social responsibility
  • Improved sense of empathy and compassion as one becomes aware of the diversity that surrounds them
  • Boosts one’s self-esteem, confidence, and pride of accomplishment from a job well done
  • Helps to build greater interpersonal and critical thinking skills
  • Builds one’s network and social capital, which can lead to internship or employment opportunities

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